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There is a solution in order to achieve global peace: Making education available for every person on earth!

The more educated people there are on earth, the smaller the chances become that people are manipulated by greedy business behavior and become victims of incitement of the people and evil forces.

Agency News:

To broaden the impact of Antoban strategies and civil society activities, the Development Program has now been formally extended to encompass all scientific undertakings by the Antoban Institute for Research & Education for Peace and Sustainable Development. The scope of our global program has also been widened in order to increase the positive impact of a wide array of organizations that have a presence in public life.

Antoban sustainable development strategies prove to be efficient patterns of resource use that aim to meet human requirements while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for our future generations.

Join our network and participate in our global efforts to preserve in an intelligent way and promote equality and peace for all people:
  • Peace through Education
  • Responsible Environment Protection Strategies
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Dr. Michael Rheinberg, 1st public information officer
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